Oakland Democrats Endorse Robert Raburn

Robert Raburn speaks at the MGO Candidate Forum.

As a lifelong Democrat I’m especially proud to announce I’ve once again received the endorsement of Oakland’s oldest, and preeminent, Democratic Club: the Metropolitan-Greater Oakland Democratic Club (MGO).

I honor the decades of work of the MGO on behalf of the people of Oakland, and share its commitment to promoting the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party. I thank the MGO for recognizing my commitment to putting these principles to work for BART riders by expanding BART capacity, enshrining BART with good government practices, making BART greener, and making BART work better for everyone. 

And here’s more good news: when voters learn about my record of accomplishments, I win. So to ensure victory in November, all I really need are the resources necessary to get our message out.

Help me continue to put riders first and keep BART on track by contributing to our campaign today!

Absentee ballots go out the first week of October - and over 60 percent of Oakland voters now vote by mail. That gives us just over three weeks to inform these potential supporters that we need to keep a transportation expert on the BART Board who understand how transit works and knows how to make it better.

There’s no time to lose! Please consider making a contribution today.

Thanks for your support.


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