Construction Union Workers Support Robert Raburn for BART Board

Heading into the Labor Day weekend, I couldn't be more proud to announce that the Building & Construction Trades Council of Alameda County has endorsed my re-election! Standing up for workers, and collaborating with local unions to build a mass transit system that the Bay Area deserves, has been one of my highest priorities on the BART Board.

That’s why I know I’m doing my job when a labor group with the stature of the Building & Construction Trades Council – which represent 28 affiliated construction worker unions - supports me.  I’m especially honored by the support of the working men and women of Alameda County because we’ve accomplished so much together, including:

  • Fighting alongside the Carpenters and the Building and Construction Trades unions to enforce a project labor agreement that exceeded local hiring standards at BART.
  • Working to ensure that the local jobs promised by BART contracts were delivered as promised, helping create a more diverse workforce and also recruiting strong local small business participation.
  • Standing up for high, prevailing wages for construction workers, thereby protecting fair competition and preventing the hiring of low-bid contractors that use unskilled workers.
  • And established an ongoing apprenticeship program that recruits from local, at risk populations, trains our future workforce, and follows through on BART’s commitment to our local community.

When re-elected to the BART Board I will continue to be a strong advocate for working men and women, and stand up for the core principles that unions represent: fair wages, hours and working conditions; good health and security benefits; and collective bargaining rights.

Thank you!


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