Robert Raburn's Accomplishments

Public confidence in BART at an all-time high demonstrated by a ridership increase


Three mandates when Robert Raburn was elected in 2010:

  1.  BART Police Reforms
  2. Reinvestment in the core system
  3. Transforming BART Stations into Vibrant Urban Centers (Reshaping our Cities)

Robert Raburn has delivered –

1) BART Police Reforms

  • Two new police watchdog groups are successfully operating.
  • I have actively led reforms to regain public confidence following the controversy surrounding the Oscar Grant shooting that occurred before I was elected.
  • The Police Department has received high marks by the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement (NOBLE)

2) Reinvestment in the core system

  • 775 new train cars will begin delivery 2017. Upon delivery of the initial cars, BART’s passenger capacity will grow as longer trains will occur during peak hours, and then more frequent service will be added as deliveries continue.
  • Current budget includes a new train control system that allows for more frequent service through the transbay tube thereby increasing existing capacity.
  • The Hayward Maintenance Complex will expand to store the new cars and maintain the existing fleet.


  • 1000 cars delivered

3) Transforming BART Stations into vibrant urban centers (Reshaping our Cities)

  • Started construction of 624 units of affordable and market-rate housing and mixed use development at MacArthur Station.
  • 90 units of affordable housing will soon begin construction at the Coliseum Station.
  • Over 200 housing units are approved for the Fruitvale Station’s Phase II development.
  • The Lake Merritt Station Area Plan, proposing significant density increases, is in the final environmental review stages.

Additional Reforms and Improvements

Creating Social Equity in New Transit Oriented Developments (TODs)

  • My mantra for “affordable housing at TOD” led to Cap and Trade ($2B to $5B/year) funding that allocates up to 35% toward transit improvements and affordable housing at stations (Sustainable Communities).

FUTURE:  I must guard Cap and Trade funding from oil industry opposition.

Funding station modernization and access improvements

  • New BART parking revenues are directed toward station modernization.
  • Strongly supported adoption of a systemwide parking fee program with full implementation this year.
  • An event parking fee enacted at the Coliseum Station resulting in new security fencing around the parking lot and a reduction in crime during gamedays.

Improved bicycle access

  • A new Bikes on Board policy has been achieved after three methodical pilot program evaluations.
  • Bicycle Master Plan adopted by Board in 2012.
  • New racks and secure electronic lockers installed at each East Bay station.
  • New Bike Stations will soon offer free secure valet parking at 19th Street and MacArthur Stations.

Oakland Airport Connector (OAC) Project Stabilization Agreement

  • Local-hire program goals exceeded the agreement: > 70% of jobs went to District residents; >27% of jobs went to Oakland residents.
  • Apprenticeship training opportunities were created.

Good Government

  • I have championed broad public outreach and surveys for major policy changes, like the Bikes on Board program.
  • Major capital projects – like the new rail cars (seats, design, and amenities), and station modernization – have made the solicitation of public input a routine operation.
  • I spent a considerable amount of my time with our volunteer advisory committees resulting in elevated stature with management and other Board members. Some results are:
    • BART is bicycle friendly
    • The visually impaired can see every stair edge in BART
    • Local small businesses benefit from unbundled contracts and other assistance
    • My initiative led to email alerts for all Board and advisory meetings and agendas.
    • Eliminated Lifetime BART pass for Directors

Improving Management-Labor Relations

  • The Board formed an ad-hoc Labor Relations Committee and hired a consultant to help determine the most appropriate next steps to rebuild relations and insure a mutual goal of a peaceful conclusion to a fair, open and constructive contract negotiation.

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